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Our Services

From personal one on one workouts in your own home to group corporate sessions in the park SH Fitness offer a wide range of fitness solutions designed to suit you. Our trainers are on hand 7 days a week to help you on your fitness journey whether it’s motivational support when we’re not around or nutritional advice to set you up for the week we’ve got you covered.

1-to-1 Personal Training

Fitness Plans

Group Sessions

Nutritional Advice

Corporate Fitness

Yoga Classes

Your fitness journey starts off with a completely free, no obligation consultation, designed to see how SH Fitness can help you.

Our initial consultation is a great way to gain an extra understanding about the services we offer. The process is simple, we sit down at a time and a place that suits your needs, discuss everything we can offer, go through some paperwork and generally have a good chat before the first session.

1-to-1 Personal Training

The most popular option at SH Fitness. Training sessions generally tend to last 1 hour, depending on what we are doing. The sessions will include a warm up, stretching; cool down, core work, cardio, resistance and any other method of training to help you hit your own personal fitness goals. Our trainers carry all of their own equipment, all of which we constantly update.

Male & Female Trainers

The SH Fitness team is made up of both male and female trainers providing you choice so that you can train with someone you feel comfortable with.

Flexible Bookings

Our friendly personal trainers are available almost all hours meaning we’re able to work with you at a time that suits you, 7 days a week.

Vast Coverage

Our friendly, professional trainers come to you. Whether at home, in your local park or anywhere else of your choosing, our sessions don’t require gym passes or bulky equipment – we’ll come to you and bring all the equipment required to complete your session.

Group Sessions

Training with friends, colleagues or a partner has a wealth of benefits. We have found that motivation levels increase, and enjoyment also increases as you grow a great relationship with your training partner.

Cost Effective

By training with friends or in a group we are able to reduce our costs slightly per person meaning the more people you invite along to a session, the cheaper it becomes!

Extra Motivation

We’ve found that by training with a friend or in a group, you’ll feel more comfortable and potentially less intimidated than if you were training alone.

Competitive Edge

Whether your competitive in nature or not, SH Fitness often see the benefits of training in a group as there is a natural need to compete. Although completely friendly, a little extra competition with a friend can see you both benefit greatly.

Corporate Fitness

We also offer group training sessions, if there is a group of you for example in an office who all would like to train together then we can help you out. We offer 4 different styles of classes, these are, an outdoor bootcamp, an indoor circuits style class, boxercise, or our take on yoga/pilates.

Increase Morale

It’s been scientifically proven time and time again that exercise helps to release a unique chemical (endorphins) into the body which increases happiness and mental well-being.

Build Stronger Teams

Our corporate group sessions are brilliant for team building as we promote a supportive culture within our sessions whereby everyone encourages each other to excel through tasks or exercises.

Boost Productivity

Another study proven fact shows that there is a positive correlation between exercise and productivity. It’s shown that a good level of health and regular exercise can greatly increase focus and productivity levels.

Fitness Plans

Our pre-made fitness plans are great if you’re not too keen on the idea of a personal trainer yet. Our specially designed, easy to follow fitness plans cover a range of goals and can all be followed from your home or the gym.

Nutritional Advice

At SH Fitness we have an in-house Nutritionalist on hand to help compliment your fitness regime and reach your goals faster. If you’re looking to really excel, whether it be muscle gain or weight-loss, we can devise bespoke meal plans and share with you a wide range of delicious recipes.

Reach Goals Faster

Training to reach goals without the right nutritional intake is like trying to start a petrol car on lemonade! It just simply won’t work. By fuelling your body with the right nutrients the task of reaching your goal is greatly improved.

Amazing Recipes.

SH Fitness offer a wide range of delicious recipes designed to not only taste great but also compliment your fitness goals. We’re not just talking salads either – our recipes will make it easier to stick to a meal plan than ever before!

Detailed Meal Planners

Our detailed meal planners combine a range of tasty meals packed with flavour and above all the right balance of nutrients to help you on your way to reaching your goals. Whether you’re Vegan, Gluten Intolerant or just constantly hungry our meal planners are tailored entirely to you.

Yoga Classes

Our fully qualified pregnancy yoga teachers are available for both one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your own home whilst also running local group classes in local schools and community halls.

Increase Flexibility

Increase your core strength, flexibility and balance.

Boost Mindfulness

Yoga can increase mental well-being as much as physical.

Pre-natal Yoga

Antenatal yoga classes are both an enjoyable and healthy way to exercise during pregnancy. The practice of mind and body movement activities will help to improve strength, balance, mindfulness and flexibility while decreasing stress and tension both physically and mentally. It also teaches breathing techniques which can be hugely beneficial during labour.